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Subjects Programs 2002-2003

Name Study
Bioestadística Biology - Plan 2001
Introduction to the Statistical Inference Biology - Plan 2001
Bioestadística Biology - Plan 93
Bioestadística II Biology - Plan 93
Dynamics of Marine Populations Biology - Plan 93
Introduction Design Experimental Biology - Plan 93
Dynamics of Marine Populations Sciences of the Statistical
Mar. Applied Sciences of the Mar
computer Applications to the treatment of the information Sciences of the Work
Estadistica Administrative Management and Public Administration
Numerical analysis Geological engineering
Algebra Mathematical
Algebra Linear Mathematical
Extension Calculate of Probabilities Mathematical
Extension of Geometry and Topology Mathematical
Statistical extension Mathematical
Convex analysis Mathematical
Analysis of Data Mathematical
Calculation of Probabilities Mathematical
Statistical Mathematical
Operative investigation Mathematical
Numerical methods Mathematical
Optimisation Mathematical
Temporary series Mathematical
Statistics for Optical Optical
Mathematical Optical
Statistics in Advertising Advertising and Public Relations
Statistics I Labour relations
Statistics II Labour relations
Design of surveys and sampling Labour relations
Excel: Tool of Treatment of the Informacion Labour relations
Course Bridge Work Social Sociology
Statistics Applied to the Social Sciences Sociology

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