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  • Databases
    • Mathematical Reviews (From 1940)
    • Zentralblatt Math. (From 1930) The North American "Mathematical Reviews" and the European "Zentralblatt Math." They are skilled databases in mathematics, that allow to effect researches by matters (through keywords), by authors, etc., providing the historial researcher of any mathematician in active. Of big utility for researchers and students advanced. They allow to download the summaries of the back publications to 1980, roughly.
    • Scopus Is the searcher of appointments in magazines published by Elsevier (one of the first scientific publishers). Less exhaustive that the ISI, but of easier handle. It provides, in addition to the appointments of each author, his index of impact h, that means that h articles of the author have been quoted by other authors until h times from 1995 (to obtain it, press "details" after entering the data). In spite of his fault of exhaustividad, allows to effect comparisons.
    • Google Scholar Allows to download files of free access of articles and find the appointments of the same. Very exhaustive but something disordered.
    • Scirus Is a searcher of scientific information in Internet. It is able to download files that are not of text (as PDF and others). It is of free access.
    • Mathematics Web Is a database created by the publisher Elsevier, relative to the magazines of mathematics that publishes (more than 50). It allows researches and location of appointments.
    • Yahoo Science Mathematics
    • Microsoft Academic Search . Microsoft's Academic Searcher for authors and publications.
    • Database of ISI-WOK (including Scientific Citation Index, SCI) This tool of indispensable query for the scientists, and for the analysis and evaluation of the situation, evolution and impact of the activities of investigation in the different fields of the scientific knowledge, technological and humanistic that collect in the databases of the WOK, as well as for the evaluation curricular of the researchers and the index of impact of the scientific and technological magazines. Information on training of user :
    • Journal Citations Reports (JCR), it provides the factor of impactof main magazines in each speciality.
  • Fast access to manuscripts and pages webs of magazines
    • The Mathematics Preprint Service Allows to distribute with rapidity the recently elaborated articles, that later will be published. Utlilizando A searcher to locate the articles of interest, the user can go down the summaries or the complete articles (in version PDF), according to the cases.
    • UASumarios Is an application developed by the Service of Computing and the Service of Bibliographic Information and Documentary of the University of Alicante for the research of articles published in magazines subscribed by the University of Alicante.


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