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Google uses riddles to recruit the best brains


An advertising campaign which encourages applicants to solve complicated mathematical equations

The Google Internet search engine has opted for a unique method to choose the best talents: an advertising campaign which encourages applicants to solve complicated mathematical equations. The prize is none other that become part of search engine number one on the network, more in vogue than ever since the announced the go-ahead for its expected listing on the stock exchange at the end of April.

With this initiative, Google proves so unorthodox in the recruitment of employees as in the rest of their affairs: search engine placed a large sign in the heart of the Californian Silicon Valley, where are their offices and numerous computer companies with a complex mathematical problem. This equation, which has also appeared in magazines of technology, gives a series of clues to find a prime number. The answer leads to a web page (on the Internet address where presented another mathematical puzzle.

This peculiar tracks "gymcana" ends in a page of Google Labs, the Department of research and development of the company, which contains the message: "something that we learned while we diseñábamos Google is that it is easier to find what you are looking for whether that something you are looking for you." What you are looking for are the best engineers in the world. "And here you are." "As you can imagine," continues the message, "we receive many resumes each day, so we developed this little method to relieve it".

According to ensure those who have gone through the process of selection, the search engine is very careful to recruit its staff. In the past two years, Google has organized programming contests for young talents, and is also very attentive to the nearby Stanford University, where studied its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, 31 and 30 years, which created the search engine in a garage in Menlo Park, California in 1998. The empollones certainly have reasons to leave the tabs with mathematical equations.


Expected output in the stock market

Much of its 1,900 employees will fill the pockets with the exit bag, it is estimated that it will create benefits on the role of $ 11 billion for the founders, some investors, partners and employees, according to an analysis of the San Jose Mercury News newspaper. The release of Google surpasses much of the recent in the history of the Valley operations that, for a start, it will collect 2.7 billion dollars in the initial public offering, a record amount. Analysts believe that the benefits to the founders of Google will also be much larger than other disc outputs in the stock market, such as Netscape or internet eBay auction website.

Apart from the monetary issue, Google needs the best talent to mislead his numerous enemies, who follow the heels. Shortly after the release of evidence "Gmail", a powerful email service with which he left speechless to the experts, Yahoo announced significant improvements to your e-mail, Hotmail, Microsoft, has already reported that it has to do the same in the coming months.

This last company, also launched in early July, a new version of its MSN search which seems a clone of Google, which has led to more than one expert to point out that the great successes of the giant computer are always based on products invented by other companies. Among them is the Windows operating system (based on the Macintosh), your Internet Explorer ("inspired" in Netscape Navigator) and Pocket PC (from PalmPilot). For this reason, Google will have to spin very fine if you don't want that his great rival will take over.


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