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Groups in Coding Theory - Wolfgang Willems

Almost all linear codes in (Fq)n have a trivial automorphism group. However most of the known good and in practise used codes C have a non-trivial group G which acts on. Thus C is not only a linear vector space but a module for the group algebra FqG and we may use the full machinery of representation theory to analyze its structure. This is quite powerful if the code is a group code (i.e. a right (left) ideal in the group algebra FqG) or, more generally, a quasi group code (i.e. an FqG-submodule of the free module (FqG)l where l ≥ 2). For instance, the binary extended [24, 12, 8]-Golay code is a group code for the symmetric group S4. The ternary extended [12,6,6]-Golay code is not a group code, but a quasi group code for a cyclic group of order 3 and l = 4. The main aim of the talk is to show how groups and their representations can be used to produce interesting and surprising coding theoretical results.


Date: october, 30th, 11:00h.

Location: Math Seminar, Science Building II.

Conference - Esquemas de Aproximación para Algunos Problemas de Programación Lineal Infinita- Miríam G. Báez Hernández

Abstract: En esta charla presentaremos esquemas de aproximación para problemas de Programación Lineal Infinita, algunos ejemplos de problemas llevados a Programación Lineal Infinita son: el Problema de Transferencia de Masas, Programación Lineal Semi-Infinita, el Problema de Transbordo y el Problema de Control de Markov. Una de las técnicas más importantes de Programación Lineal Infinita es la teoría de aproximación, para lo cual es necesario buscar condiciones bajo las cuales existen soluciones para un problema en particular.


Date: june 10th, 11:00h

Location: Math Seminar, Sciencie Building II.

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